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Maricela grew up in the small town of Guanajuato. Widow of Reynaldo Martinez and living with the memory of her wonderful, personable, kind daughter Mary Lu Martinez who passed away at 38 in her sleep. Maricela learned how to sew from her mother and the women in the town of La Haciendita. I've captured pieces she made in her youth and the work she created while her husband worked in the U.S. for work and opportunity. After her husband's passing, she moved to Dallas as a single mother with two children. Her home in La Haciendita reminds her of a happy place now abandoned with nostalgia. Her daughter had dreams of her mother's practice becoming her business. That dream left too soon. Susy sits and listens while Maricela shares her work with a heart full of memories. Dedicated to the mujeres (women) who raise their children as single parents.


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