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Ofelia Lara

Puntadas del Alma, Stitches of the soul is a sewing co-op that gathers weekly at the National Museum of Mexican Art. They would no longer meet in person when the global pandemic shut down the City of Chicago with Covid-19. During this time, I received news that my dear friend Mary had lost her mother, Ofelia Lara, a wife, a grandmother, a tia, a friend, and a Pilsen & Little Village community member. Unfortunately, I couldn’t physically be there for mi amiga. In collaboration with Maria Herrera, I wanted to show my support and make something to honor her adored mami and her family, who couldn’t be with each other’s company and mourn together during this difficult loss.

2021 38 x 58 in Digital collage on cotton, flowers, beading, appliqué, and quilted cotton


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